MLB Softball60: The captain's experience

A unique insight into a personal experience of captaining a team in the MLB Softball60 league. Read his thoughts on the season as a whole and the benefits he feels taking part has had for him and his team mates. 
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Creating engaging Active World experiences

At Limelight Sports we passionately believe in promoting the Active World – in the positive impact exercise can have on people’s lives and in helping brands engage with those people effectively through their active experiences 


In this series of articles we’ll show the importance of insight for any organisation seeking to engage people in the Active World – from creating great new ideas and superb customer journeys, experiences and campaigns that deliver upon their various objectives.

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The Power of Limelight Sports – Agency of the Active World

At Limelight Sports, we specialise in connecting brands with their audiences through the power of the Active World. Using our Experience Design Thinking framework we apply our Active World insights and global data to create authentic human experiences with guaranteed results for brands. In the third part of the series we explore The Power of Limelight Sports, the agency of the Active World.

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The Power of the Active World

The Active World is a $12.8 billion industry in Australia alone with over 13.4 million active Australians each year. In the second installment of our 'Power Of' series, we look at the power of the Active World and what makes it the ultimate platform for brands to engage with their audiences.

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The Power of Experiences

Live experiences are an alchemy of message, context and human interaction, which, in an increasingly online world creates a platform for real life engagement. 
In our era of experience, event and experiential marketing has taken its place as one of the fastest growing forms of marketing.

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Swimathon in numbers

The announcement of every new piece of sports participation insight in the UK is always closely accompanied by scrutiny from the world of swimming. Because, for as long as most people can remember, swimming has continually been top of the pile in terms of the numbers of people taking part*.  However, recent years have seen swimming figures gradually deteriorate with the perennial bridesmaids (in participation terms), running and cycling, edging closer and closer to taking over their mantle.

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