Unlock your corporate potential by engaging with the Active World

With the fast paced, corporate world constantly adapting and developing, it has become increasingly crucial that the leaders within these companies build environments that allow their employees to flourish. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to develop working environments in which the cultural norms promote health and wellbeing and never has this been so paramount as today. Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 and it is this demographic that will be the key contributors to the reshaping of the corporate world. Organisations must focus on creating an atmosphere of productivity, creativity and community and in my short time at Limelight Sports since May I have witnessed how the active world can promote this.
The active world is growing fast and this is evident in the events and campaigns I will highlight in this piece.. Employee health is becoming ever more important to employers and one of the key drivers for this is the ability that physical activity provides for employers to meet and collaborate with other teams and individuals within a company. This is especially apparent with large coorporations who look to build a sense of community through informal, social activities. An excellent example of this, and one I took part in, is the Corporate MLB Softball60 league Limelight Sports delivered for Major League Baseball. It’s fast gameplay and relaxed format allows colleagues to form and maintain positive relationships which leads to increased employee satisfaction and talent retention.

Physical exercise and the promotion of an active workforce also has huge financial benefit to companies. Within the UK alone it is thought that over ten-million work days are lost every year due to stress and that over two-hundred million is lost each year to absenteeism and unproductivity. Engaging with active challenges not only can bring your workforce/team together but alleviate the stress that work brings. The Royal Parks Half Marathon’s Corporate race (RBC Corporate 13.1) is a great example.  The training needed to complete this half marathon would provide key health benefits to the individual which not only may positively effect absenteeism but also initiate a positive incline in work productivity, creativity and confidence.

Many markets in the UK, and especially London, are becoming intensely competitive  and therefore it is no surprise that this competitive edge is mirrored in the employees. The drive to succeed not only within their own company but against their peers and competitors is dominant. This competitive streak stretches not only within the board room, tender interview or bid but to the ‘extra-curricular’ activities also. Never is this more apparent than at the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (a 5.6km Corporate race) in which the first wave tear off looking to bring that podium finish to both themselves and their company. This event allows employees to express themselves outside of the workplace and adds further identity to the individual whilst also continuing to work as part of a team.
I have highlighted only a few of the benefits that engaging in the Active World can have on both employees and their companies. It can aid the retention of a more tight-knit community, have vast financial benefits as well as add to both personal and company development. Never has the Corporate World been so active and at Limelight we are passionate about developing this further! If you would like to hear more regarding the events highlighted above or our Corporate offering as a whole, then please get in touch.
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