MLB Softball60 finals mark one year until Major League Baseball comes to London

The finals of Major League Baseball Softball60 took place this week as MLB marks one year to go until London hosts the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox as part of two regular season games. This will be the first time that MLB matches will be staged in Europe and the games will take place at London Stadium on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2019.

Major League Baseball wants to develop a long term footprint in London. As part of the build up to the regular season matches MLB Softball60 was designed specifically to introduce the sport to new audiences. MLB Softball60 involved mixed corporate teams competing against each other in a version of the game designed to introduce the sport of baseball to as many people as possible and has been organised and run by leading sports participation agency, Limelight Sports.

Charlie Hill, Managing Director, EMEA at MLB said, “It is very important that we build awareness and develop UK based initiatives in the period running up to the two showcase matches next June. MLB Softball60 has been a huge success in introducing the sport to London and developing interest amongst young fans.”

The MLB Softball60 champions for 2018 were Two Circles Twins who beat Engage Angels in the final on Tuesday 26th June at Markfield Park, London. Team captain Jack Bishop said “Thanks for making this league happen. It’s a great initiative and has introduced softball and baseball to the vast majority of our team, a bunch of millennials who had no idea or interest in it but who’ve really engaged.”

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