V Series: Innovation & Experience in the Active World

Here at Limelight Sports we are always looking to push the boundaries and promote the active world with innovative new ideas and concepts. Cycling has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and we have been at the forefront of the growth of some of the biggest and well known cycling participation events.
In 2015, we created V Series, a competitive team cycling event which took place on the streets of Canary Wharf, and last week we were excited to test out a virtual version with a select group of cyclists.

To be innovative you have to take risks and therefore things don’t always go perfectly the first time round.  For that, we’re grateful to have fantastic clients and partners who are willing to innovate with us. This allows us to grow and adapt the concept as we move through the trial phases and ensures we make changes in line with feedback to create the best experience possible. The trial proved to us that we have an exciting and competitive virtual format that has the potential and scope to bring something truly unique to both cycling and the corporate world.


By taking cycling off the roads and onto a virtual platform, we hope to combine the rise of indoor cycling and cycling studios with the spectacle of esports. Participants are looking for events that go beyond a premium delivery to provide fantastic experiences and this needs to be at the heart of any new event we develop.


With V Series, our aim is to create an insight-led event which keeps pushing the boundaries in the participation sports arena, whilst retaining our commitment to the Active World. Watch this space!

Posy Musgrave // Junior Project Manager