Working globally to deliver for our clients

As a global business, we have worked hard to develop strong relationships with our Limelight Sports colleagues in Australia; sharing skills, knowledge and experience from both sides of the world. Digital communication is a great way to have meaningful interactions but that will never beat the chance to spend quality time face to face, which was an opportunity that three members of our UK office had in November as they flew out to Australia to support the team delivering the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Sydney.
The client expectations and format of the event are the same across the global series and as such it enabled the UK team to seamlessly step into working on the project in Australia. What became apparent very quickly was how similar the London and Sydney events are which meant that we fully understood the look and feel and what the overall experience should be both from a race and hospitality perspective.
Sending out the core London planning team meant that we had the right skillset to provide useful support, direction and hands on operational roles. Kate Lansdowne for example could pick up the branding and really drive it forward, having been the Event Manager and Branding Manager previously. She knew and understood the brand guidelines and how to apply them across the site, building a comprehensive operational plan that the supplier could follow and deliver on the ground.
Through the support of our global team, a positive difference was able to be made to the event improving the results delivered to our client. Although it was a lot of hard work and long hours, as events always are, it was also a lot of fun. The team camaraderie and support for one another is just the same in each office and that is essential for the success of any event. Everybody wanted to succeed and pulled together to make it happen.
Both the Sydney and London J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge events were a great success in 2017 and another fantastic example of our ‘One Team’ guiding principle and being able to work globally, particularly with two of the Melbourne team having come over during the English summer to help deliver the UK events. We now look ahead to more success with the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge next year, driven by our global team of talented marketing and event professionals!

Hannah Clarke // Events Director Limelight Sports
Kate Lansdowne // Events Manager Limelight Sports