The Royal Parks Half Marathon – a newcomer’s view on 10 years

On Sunday it’s the 10th running of the Royal Park Half Marathon. The first of its kind when it started, in those 10 years the event has raised over £35m for more than 940 charities, and more than 112,000 runners have crossed the finish line. It remains a unique and special event, and one that we at Limelight Sports are immensely proud of.

Personally, this is my first Royal Parks. I haven’t run it before and as most people in the business are involved on the day, in all likelihood I won’t get the chance soon either. But I can’t wait to experience the race close up as a Team Leader of a key section of the route. I’ve already seen at first hand the huge amount of work that goes into making it such a successful event from many different people at the Royal Parks, Limelight Sports and a host of other companies too numerous to list. These are just a few observations as a first-timer at the Royal Parks Half Marathon:
  • The planning - races of this scale are a huge logistical challenge, but the detail and degree of work that goes into making the race smooth, fun and safe for all is quite incredible.
  • The experience - there is a huge focus on ensuring everyone has a great day, all the way from when the runners arrive to when they leave, the activities on offer for spectators and the tracking app so people know where their loved ones are on the course.
  • The results - as well as the achievements of the runners, not only has the race raised a huge sum for many charities, it also generates essential funds for the Royal Parks enabling them to continue their essential work and raises the increases their profile at the same time.
  • The environment - it goes largely unseen but significant efforts are made to reduce any negative of the race including bamboo race t-shirts, wooden leaf medals and a mammoth recycling effort.
  • The passion - everyone involved in the half is hugely proud of their part in creating a great experience for everyone concerned, allowing people to enjoy a great event, doing something they are passionate about in a beautiful setting.
Let’s hope the weather stays fair, but regardless it’ll be a great day for the runners, their friends and family, and everyone involved in bringing such a superb and unique experience to the capital.
Rick Jenner // Director of Strategy and Insight