The Active World // Physical Activity With Purpose

We are all looking for purpose in our lives. Seeking a sense of progress.
In our work at Limelight we constantly ask ourselves “what is it we are offering to the world?”.
Our vision, is to Create an Active World. Together.
The value we offer is that together, with our clients, we connect with their customers, through sport and physical activity. The ‘Active World’ we call it.
But I was asked a great question by leading author, thinker and brand guru Gary Bertwistle last week – “what is the one thing that we offer that is of real value?” What we decided, was that we are giving purpose. With our event campaigns, we are giving people a reason, an objective, the motivation AND capability, the opportunity to make their lives better.
The Active World provides this sense of purpose, produced by many other elements of value, on many layers.

Active World Elements of Value Pyramid


This means our clients can give value in every persons journey through our campaigns, fulfiling their customers needs and wants on many levels. Providing a meaningful real life connection.
People can ‘do more’ functionally by giving them access to information, tools, and environments that wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. For example access to ‘one off’ running locations, workout facilities, sporting ‘know how’ and skills they could not acquire on their own.
They can ‘feel more’, providing emotional value in the form of confidence, motivation, entertainment, escapism, and, to fear-less. The feeling of empowerment, capability and opportunity that comes with support from our active experience campaigns.
Brands allow us to ‘belong more’ socially by bringing us together, physically and online around a shared experience. Creating a connection, recognition, and role models in each other. The support of friends, family, ambassadors, the whole tribe that comes with the Active World. 
And, we can ‘be more’, we can fulfil ourselves through aspiration, social good and even self actualisation. And of course, physical and mental wellness. That marathon goal, doing it for a cause, in memory of someone, that ‘once in a lifetime’ achievement that events provide. And, access to good health.
There are many ‘elements of value’ a brand can provide to each of us, via the Active World. 
It is a powerful platform. We can provide value and purpose in people lives. We can connect brands with their audiences.
Please speak to us to connect your brand to this value. As facilitators, collaborators, and guardians, we are the ‘Agency of the Active World’.

Andrew O'Loughlin // Managing Director