OTT - A content opportunity for Brands in the Active World

I was lucky enough to attend the SportsPro Live conference at Wembley Stadium yesterday and a hot topic was OTT – the delivery of content over the internet rather than through the traditional TV and Radio platforms.
It’s clear from the discussions that OTT provides a huge opportunity for rights holders to have a longer, deeper “always on” relationship with the viewer.  The data collected provides unparalleled understanding of the users including who they are, what content they want and how and when they want to consume it; this information is to a level of detail you just can’t get from traditional TV. This in turn offers new levels of personalisation for the viewer and its availability across multiple devices should unlock new monetisation opportunities.
But as a proponent of the Active World I have to ask myself what this means for us. Is it more opportunities for people to be watching sport instead of participating? Or should we see it as an opportunity?
Opportunities for the Active World
OTT is a huge opportunity for brands in the Active World; they should see this as a platform to reach their audience in an engaged and meaningful way.
Participation sports events ARE content.   They are content in which many people have a vested interest in the activity – the participant, family, friends. The OTT model would provide the opportunity for live, archived and personalised event content available on demand and to keep as a record of your achievements. 
These events do not need to be mass; they can be made up of smaller teams of everyday people taking on amazing challenges in stunning scenery such as Limelight’s Race The World ( The challenge, the people’s back stories and the relationships with their team members and the back drop make for lots of great and diverse content.
Participation sport gets a very small amount of coverage relative to elite, professional sport this means we need new ways to share these amazing experiences.  OTT offers the opportunity to complement traditional TV or replace it when it is not available.  And for a brand that is associated with the experience there is access to meaningful data about their audience including reach and how and when they engaged.
Early Days
It’s fair to say it is early days for the Active World on OTT but the potential value to brands is an area I will be exploring more closely over the coming months. Watch this space.


Steve Dews // Technology Director