24 Hours in the Active World

Millions of individual journeys… one shared story.
It's 6am in Melbourne Australia, the sun is coming up on another day in the Active World.
Tony Armstrong rides his bike up the Dandenong Ranges, exploring the hills with his old cycling mates. They normally ride with 9,000 others along the bike friendly ‘Beach Road’ each Sunday, but today they are looking for climbs in preparation for the infamous ‘3 Peaks Challenge’.
Across the seas in the nation first to see the sun, New Zealander Kelly Andrews, has already completed the ‘Cigna Round the Bays’ walk with thousands of others. As a new Mum, she’s calling it her “first active experience” together as a family.

Further north in the islands of South East Asia, thousands are gathering side by side to take on the ‘Run for Hope’ in Singapore. Kelvin Choo is running for his father who lost the battle with cancer last year. In Japan, 15,000 are taking in the Koyoto Marathon, passing by seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites in their journey.
In Thailand, young and old will come together around a football today. The kids of a densely populated neighborhood in Khlong Toei will be kicking footballs from dawn till’ dusk, on the uniquely constructed urban football pitches nestled among tightly packed housing blocks.

In the Active World there are no boundaries. People create their own spaces to come together.
And across in Africa, people are coming together around a triathlon, lining up at the Buffelspoort Triathlon. Further north in Rhwanda thousands are gathering in the streets for the annual Marathon.

Some take in their Active World journeys en masse. Some prefer to get away from it all.
Liam and Ellen are two young travelers setting out for a day trekking through Sa Pa, in Vietnam. They’ve been promised an authentic experience of the local culture, and the best views of Vietnam.
These are all common stories, just some of special journeys occurred last Sunday in the Active World.

Bigger than any nation, or even any religion, over three quarters of the world's population living and breathing an active life. 

The Active World is anyone, in any sport, at any level. Any physical activity, with purpose.
Its is now 7am in Texas, USA. It’s hot, humid and the Austin Marathon has just begun.
Olivia is in her 30’s and now no stranger to a run. It's her fifth half marathon but this morning, she says, was a different - “A kind of victory”. Today was particularly grueling – big hills and hot weather. She fought through the hills and fatigue to finish strong with her family cheering her on and “I learned so much along the way”. She’s half of the CocoRun Club – a blog site run with her sister (and running partner) on all things active, so like many she will is sharing the experience with those closest to her, and, the wider world.
Across the border William Sterling is waking up to a boxing bout in Ontario Canada. Motivated to get off the couch and “learn a new art” William is like many people young and old, using the Active World to grow and live better lives. Across North America there are many like Ellen Crocker, who loves the outdoors, normally snowboarding in Whistler by day. Like many her Active World is evolving, today she is taking it indoors for a candle lit spin class workout at Vancouver’s Spin City.
This evolution in the Active World builds on vast traditions, and many rituals. 
Many miles away in London, England, it's early but Tom Kerry has already lined up for his 250th weekly ‘parkrun’. A cricketer in his youth, Tom is typical of many finding a new life in more individual, but shared, pursuits. Tom brings his neighbors' kids along each week - he connects with his community through the Active World.
Further north, Harley and Seth are enjoying the 3km junior parkrun at the Aylestone Recreation Ground in Leicester. Both are just new to running and they are embracing the sense of competition, running against both each other, and their own times.
Nicole Kalogeropoulous is also motivated by achievement, but as an experienced runner she is striving for a longer effort. She’s just finished 8th overall and first female at the Black Canyon 100 km trail run outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Like many Nicole is using the event as stepping stone to greater heights, in this case it was 100km to gain entry into Western States, a 100-mile race in California.
‘Bootlegger68’ prefers a slower pace, but isn’t afraid to explore. He is hiking with his partner today up to Arthusha Falls in New Hampshire, through the snow and hazardous terrain. They are office workers by day, and adventurers at heart. 
The passion for discovery is shared across cultures in the active world, as Danielle Davis is experiencing this afternoon, as she leads a touch football clinic at Konodai Girls High School in Japan. It is the passion for the game that she wants to share, to encourage young girls on their active sporting journeys.
Hannah Marmoin is another traveler taking her active world with her. She’s taking a class at her Yoga studio nestled amongst the cobble streets of Seville in Spain. She doesn’t know the language but the Active World doesn’t need translation. It is a world of opportunity, and Hannah is making the most of it.

Sophia is making the most of her active lifestyle in Sweden. She’s just in from a day on the slopes, sharing her time with Dad and sister, something she has enjoyed as a family since she was a small girl.
In the Active World opportunities are boundless, in all the layers of the active landscape. Back in Ireland James O’Sullivan has just sprinted his way to a new ‘PB’ at the National Indoor Championships in Abbotstown.
This may be the elite layer of the active world, but high performance still comes with the social bonds that attracts so many to belong to this world. In keeping with local traditions James enjoys a pint of ‘Oul Arthurs Finest’ to celebrate.
Back in Australia, it is now late in the day but a new horizon has emerged across women’s sport. Here the elite layer is undergoing a transformation to reflect the Active World participation. Erin Phillips is leading her Australian Womens' Football League team. It’s a major shift in profile for women’s sport in this country, and, a long way from Erin’s former career in the WNBA with the Dallas Wings. Her story is one becoming more familiar in sport, as the opportunities for young women evolve rapidly, this is a catalyst to wider change in our societies.
Back in Berlin something different is occurring tonight at the John Reed Fitness Music Gym. This is not your average gym: louder, better, different. A mix of sport, music and design to raise the boundaries of conventional training. Like all society, the active world has been disrupted. Fitness to this crowd is not just pure body tuning, but the soundtrack of a new movement.
Progressive, diverse, universal, equal. The Active World is personal and shared, by individuals, by communities, together. Physically, emotionally, online and real world experiences. As one, and at scale.
This is just a day in our Active World.

Andrew O'Loughlin // Managing Director