The Active World // Anyone, Anywhere, Anyway

We've been talking recently about what defines the Active World. What gives it currency and traction? Why are people drawn to it? What value does it offer to brands, its citizens and society as a whole?
For me, defining the Active World comes down to three words: anyone, anywhere, anyway.
From the Homeless World Cup, to an NBA basketball game atop a Swiss glacier, to modified sports in unconventional spaces, the Active World is truly unlimited.
It’s yours. It’s ours. It’s shared.
It’s 24/7. It’s 365.
It’s here. It’s there. It’s everywhere.
It’s unlimited.
It’s for anyone, anywhere, anyway.

Anyone //
The Homeless World Cup is a once in a lifetime, transformative experience for the players who attend but it is also a powerful platform for changing how society thinks about homelessness. 

Over two million viewers tuned into coverage of the 2016 Homeless World Cup in addition to the 80,000 fans from 158 countries braving the Scottish weather to cheer on the 58 teams.
According to their website, the Homeless World Cup is a “unique, pioneering social movement which uses football to inspire homeless people to change their own lives”.

Yes, all this as the result of a few football games. That’s the power of the Active World. Anyone, anywhere, anyway.
Anywhere //
Fancy a game of basketball at 11,000ft? Thanks to San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker, even Swiss glaciers seem to make for a good place to shoot some hoops these days.
Parker hosted a game for the French team ASVEL Villeurbanne against a team comprised of Swiss League players as part of his involvement with leading Swiss watchmaker, Tissot.

Nowhere is considered out of bounds in the Active World. 

Nike are responsible for some of the world’s most premium active experiences and pride themselves on constantly surprising and delighting consumers with experiences only they could offer.

Fancy a high jump lesson from Olympic athlete, Morgan Lake, 200m in the air at the UK’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard?

How about a floating Pilates class on board a luxury boat, sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Or playing a football match at one of Sydney’s busiest and most historic markets?

These are all world class Nike experiences delivered by the team at Limelight Sports, showing there are no limits in the Active World. Anyone, anywhere, anyhow.

Anyway //

An overcrowded city, known best for its slum, is hardly the type of place you would expect innovation in the Active World.
Welcome to Khlong Toei, Thailand, home of one of the most innovative urban space projects in recent times, bringing communities together through the power of accessible football. 

The Unusual Football Field is an unorthodox football field that redefines the boundaries of the traditional rectangular field. By transforming seemingly unusable spaces into fully functional, albeit unconventional, L-shaped and zig-zag football fields communities are being united through the power of the Active World.  
Where else could the Active World innovate? The possibilities seem endless.

Watch the full story here.
If football can be played on a zig-zag pitch in Khlong Toei, basketball can be played at 11,000ft and homeless football players become global sports champions, anything is possible in the Active World.   

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or how you do it - we can all be citizens of the Active World. 

At Limelight Sports, we harness the power of the Active World by working with leading brands to engage their audiences through active experiences. To find out more visit


Rikki-Louise Nayler // Account Director