Connecting your brand to 4 essential human needs

We all know that the leading businesses in the world are those that are making people’s lives better.  Both for their customers, and their employees, they functionally and emotionally solve our various human needs and desires.

A fundamental problem for marketers, employers and governments today, is how can we connect with people in a meaningful way?

Luckily, our work at Limelight can connect brands to 4 essential things we ALL need as humans.

  1. The need to be active

100% of humans need to be active.  Most want to be more active: it’s in our DNA.

And in todays world, many struggle to be as active as they would like.

We know being active is critical for us personally, and as a society.  That’s why we all value any help we can get to achieve this. Many governments, sporting and not-for-profit organisations play a role in facilitating this - and increasingly - so are commercial brands.

These leading brands can see the power of connecting with their audiences through real life experiences. They see that they can change behaviour by providing inspiration, motivation, education, or simply enable access to active experiences.

But what’s in it for them? Many things, but simply put, by making peoples lives better you get true engagement, and a proven* change in attitude toward your organisation. I know if you do something for me, especially in something I love, then you’ve made a friend forever.

  1. The need to be together

100% of humans want to do things together: in real life and online. We all want to come together, to celebrate, commiserate, protest, share and play, with friends, as families, as communities. And when we do this we want to share it, the valuable ‘word of mouth’, and ‘user generated content’ we use on our platforms.

As a company that creates real-life experiences, events of mass participation and/or personal engagement, we are delivering on a human need, and brands are able to tap into this. Many commercial brands have realised that to facilitate these shared experiences is powerful stuff. Do something with me and we will have a true connection.

  1. The need to live real-life experiences

100% of us live in the real world* (pretty sure that is true). While technology and new platforms have enabled us to connect, and to connect with our audiences on an exponential scale, the fact that we deal in real life experiences can’t be beaten. Other platforms know this, with the best ratings on TV being news, live sport, and reality TV.

The leading online platforms are news-related or social channels like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter: all dealing in real-life content.

Again, many commercial brands have realised they can achieve their communication objectives by creating active / real world campaigns, to be amplified across all platforms, but led by real-life experiences.

  1. The need to tell (and hear) stories

A lot has been said about the power of storytelling in marketing in recent years, and we agree. And we know the best stories come from real life experiences. The beauty of our campaigns is that individuals are creating their own stories, and they want to share these with the world.

No-one participates in an active experience and doesn’t tell anyone about it. If you have a friend, colleague or family member preparing for an event, or has just completed one, you will know all about it. You will be experiencing this with them.

Brands are increasingly understanding this is powerful content, both brand and user generated, and crucially: authentic and meaningful. To a brand’s audience and consumers’, the reach, and credibility of this content, is extremely powerful…if your brand can connect to it. At Limelight, we specialise in connecting brands to audiences, community and personal journeys.

It’s a powerful asset dealing with human needs. We’d love to talk to you more about how your brand can connect to your people in the most essential ways.

Andrew O'Loughlin // Managing Director