Wiggle.com.au // There at the Most Challenging Moment

'Be there at the most challenging moment!' This was the challenge we set ourselves as our team designed and delivered a highly memorable campaign for Wiggle.com.au as part of their sponsorship of two top-tier cycling events in Australia. 

Wiggle.com.au engaged our team to create memorable touch points for their consumers at two top tier cycling events in 2016, Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo and Around the Bay.

With the objective of leveraging Wiggle's key sponsorships, Limelight Sports created two activation ideas based one central theme– ‘be there at the most challenging moment.' Nearing the end of both events, Wiggle were there. The famous Dutch Corner was recreated with cheer squad, banging tunes, motivational signs, icy cold drinks and even massages tables!

And the response? The stats speak for themselves. Survey respondants from Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo stated:

  • 82% rated their Wiggle experience good or excellent
  • 40% they visited the Wiggle website after seeing the activation

And the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive too. One Facebook post asked 'What did you think of Wiggle's Dutch Corner activation?'. It garnered over 400 likes, 12 shares and 70 comments, which were all positive and hailing the activation.

Participants commented: "You guys totally rocked!", "Put a smile on our face and made us feel like a celebrity" and "Thank you so much…it gave us the boost we needed at a tough pinch on the final climb".