Swimathon in numbers

The announcement of every new piece of sports participation insight in the UK is always closely accompanied by scrutiny from the world of swimming. Because, for as long as most people can remember, swimming has continually been top of the pile in terms of the numbers of people taking part*.  However, recent years have seen swimming figures gradually deteriorate with the perennial bridesmaids (in participation terms), running and cycling, edging closer and closer to taking over their mantle.

Limelight Sports have worked closely with The Swimathon Foundation through both Swimathon and School Swimathon to do their bit to help tackle the issue of dropping swimming participation.  The following infographic gives some insight into where these two campaigns have proven to support the overall participation picture for swimming:


And on top of all of this, Swimathon raises in excess of £2.5million for charity every year, with more than £42million raised to date!

*To date, the statistics to be judged on have largely come from the Active People’s Survey. However, coinciding with the recent revised approach to sports participation in the UK by DCMS, a new gauge is to be introduced called Active Lives.  Taking into account younger age groups and a more holistic approach to sporting participation, it will be interesting to see how swimming fares under this new landscape.