Changing Consumer Behaviour and Attitudes

On a day when we have been told that Adidas is cutting its ties with the IAAF, I’ve been wondering whether it’s too fanciful for major brands to turn their attention to Joe Public and start backing everyday participation rather than focusing their cash at the top end of sport.

Of course, a lot of major sporting brands fund grassroots activities as well as supporting major championships but in general these activities are second class compared to the investments made at the supposed top end of the sport.

What if it was the other way round? What if brands poured money into ‘normal’ people participating in active lifestyles. Would this be the game changer that inspires an active world? At Limelight we believe participation sport has the ability to change both consumer behaviour and attitudes and is thus a rare vehicle for marketeers.

We also passionately believe in an active world; working together we have the power to do this and perhaps the enlightened Marketing Director at one of the brands currently supporting elite sport will take this opportunity to move money from the top end of a sport beset by corruption problems, gambling or drug taking and direct their energies into backing the population to get up off the sofa and get moving. Now that would be wonderful.

Tom Kerry // Chief Operating Officer