Creating an Active World. Together.

Today is an exciting day for the team at Limelight Sports Group as we launch our new vision and proposition. The launch is the culmination of a significant period of investment for the business. We have re-organised and re-positioned in order to offer our clients an enhanced service and a unique perspective on how to engage their audiences through what we call the ‘Active World’ platform.
The Active World includes ‘everyone engaged in physical activity with a purpose’We believe the Active World offers brands unparalleled opportunities to open meaningful conversations with their target audiences at a time when they are positively engaged.
We understand better than any other agency how brands (commercial, government and charity/not for profit) can harness the power of this platform in an authentic, productive and positive way across their audience’s journey.
For over 25 years, Limelight has operated exclusively in this niche area of the sports industry delivering campaigns for Nike, Sky, J.P.Morgan, British Gas, Royal Parks Foundation, ESPN, Royal Bank of Canada and many more. This gives us a huge amount of experience and value to offer. We are investing in digital, data and insight to provide our clients with powerful ideas and strategies to deliver their objectives.
This new proposition and strategy have been years in the making.
We’ve consulted many colleagues in marketing, sport and beyond.
We’ve tested different approaches, different organizational structures.
We’ve trialed different event models and digital ideas and we’ve delivered active experiences in places as diverse as the US, Europe, Australasia, UAE, Java and Saudi Arabia!
As with any new plan we’ve also made some mistakes and taken some wrong turns but, throughout, we have continued to learn and evolve our strategy.
All of that has lead us to this moment and our ‘Agency of the Active World’ proposition.
The new vision ‘Creating an Active World. Together’ was created by our team. We feel that it captures the essence of what we believe, and have always believed, at Limelight: the most powerful, successful campaigns are the result of combining passion, innovation, collaboration and partnership.
I hope that you enjoy the new website ( and will connect with us on LinkedIn (Limelight Sports) to learn more about the power of the Active World.
If you’ve already experienced the value sport and active experiences can offer brands, please get in touch.
If you’re yet to discover this for yourself, you urgently need to get in touch!
Thank you to my colleagues at Limelight for your efforts over the last few months finalizing the new strategy and also to all of our friends in the industry for your contributions and guidance along the way.
We’re very excited about this next chapter and look forward to creating an Active World. Together.
Craig Dews // CEO