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Limelight Sports Partners With BIKE Channel

Following the highly successful 2015 inaugural Race the World race, Limelight Sports and BIKE Channel are thrilled to announce the broadcast this month of the epic 26 minute documentary celebrating the 2015 race experience on BIKE Channel from 11-28 January.

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Posted 10/01/2017


ESPN Digital 3:3 Challenge

This November saw the launch of the first ESPN Digital 3:3 Challenge at Docklands Sports Courts in Melbourne. The purpose, to create a memorable brand experience for the ESPN sales team to share with their contacts in media buying agencies.

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Posted 03/12/2016

Swimathon is celebrating its 30th year

Swimathon, the world’s biggest fundraising swim delivered by Limelight Sports, is 30 years old!

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Posted 01/12/2016


J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

In the 40th anniversary year of the global corporate running race, the J.P Morgan Corporate Challenge returned to Sydney with a record number of registered participants - just over 8,000 runners.

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Posted 15/11/2016


The event experience journey

We've been talking lately about the necessity to create a more active world, for brands to embrace the experience economy, with the power of experiences.

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Posted 01/11/2016

Britain’s Most Beautiful City Run Sells Out for Another Year

In 2008 the Royal Parks Foundation, in partnership with Limelight Sports, created the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon as an annual fundraising initiative, raising sustainable funds for the Royal Parks Foundation to support London's eight Royal Parks, and enabling charities of all sizes to be involved in a major challenge event.

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Posted 12/10/2016


Limelight Sports Group welcomes the investment of DCT Ventures

Limelight Sports Group, the leading global participation sport agency has agreed and received an investment boost from one of the UK’s leading media groups. DCT Ventures is the investment arm of leading media owner DC Thomson. In recent years the company has expanded into new sectors although this is its first investment in the sports sector.

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Posted 13/09/2016


The Power of Limelight Sports – The Agency of the Active World

At Limelight Sports, we apply our global, local and market insights to our PATH Playbook process in order to create real life, authentic human experiences for leading brands with guaranteed results. Today we explore The Power of Limelight Sports – the agency of the Active World.

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Posted 25/08/2016


The Power of the Active World

Earlier this week we looked at the growth of experiential marketing and its ability to engage consumers like no other channel.  Unlike other channels, live experiences are an alchemy of message, context and human interaction, which, in an increasingly online world creates a platform for real life engagement. Click here to read about The Power of Experiences.

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Posted 25/08/2016


The Power of Experiences

In our era of experience, event and experiential marketing has taken its place as one of the fastest growing forms of marketing.  Brands are increasingly recognising the need to create authentic, real life experiences to engage with their consumers. Unlike other channels, live experiences are an alchemy of message, context and human interaction, which, in an increasingly online world creates a platform for real life engagement. 

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Posted 24/08/2016


The evolution of cakes, and running

The challenge we face today is that competing products and services can’t stand out from each other on features alone. ‘Quality’ is no longer even negotiable, everything can be replicated, and innovation happens quicker that adoption. 

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Posted 24/08/2016


Night Tube and the impact on the #ActiveWorld

This evening the long-awaited launch of the #NightTube finally arrives in the platform (a full 11 months late from the original planned departure time of September 2015).  Widely heralded as a fillip to the capital’s night-time economy, we at Limelight Sports are naturally taking a different view…

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Posted 19/08/2016


Global Energy Race - Sheffield

Limelight Sports is delighted to officially announce that it will deliver the Global Energy Race on behalf of the New York Bakery Company in Sheffield on 25th September 2016.

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Posted 27/07/2016


Limelight Sports shortlisted for Ministry Of Sports Marketing Awards

We are delighted to announce that Limelight Sports has been shortlisted for Ministry Of Sports Marketing Awards’ “Best Sports Agency or Organisation” for “Creating an active world. Together”.

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Posted 14/06/2016


Connecting your brand to 4 essential human needs

We all know that the leading businesses in the world are those that are making people’s lives better.  Both for their customers, and their employees, they functionally and emotionally solve our various human needs and desires.

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Posted 10/06/2016


How social media is empowering an active world

Most will find the relationship between physical activity and social media use quite non-existent. But there’s evidence to suggest that social media is more than checking Facebook on the commute to work or checking Instagram on your work break. In fact, social media may be contributing to more people lacing up the runners and stepping away from the iPhone completely.  

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Posted 10/06/2016


A Mini-History of Women in Sport

Just over a month ago we were celebrating Women’s History Month and as we observe today’s interesting #ThisGirlDoes debate with major brands on women’s sport sponsorship, I wanted to take us on a small journey with some of the amazing achievements of women in sport.

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Posted 11/05/2016


How brands are changing attitude and behavior of the (active) world (Part 2)

In my last blog I looked at brands providing utility and creating ownership in the active world. Now – I’m looking at the typical barriers to an ‘active lifestyle’ – and what role brands play in “ease action spurs”, i.e., how they enable more activity.

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Posted 18/04/2016


How brands are changing attitude and behavior of the (active) world (Part 1)

I’m reading an interesting book, from a very interesting guy, Adam Ferrier (of Agency world, Gruen Transfer etc fame), and I found a very interesting correlation to our work in inspiring an active world. That’s a lot of ‘interest' I know…

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Posted 13/04/2016



Wiggle engaged Limelight Sports to create memorable touch points for their consumers at two top tier

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Posted 24/03/2016


Nike+ Training Club Tour ’16 – Australia & New Zealand

3 cities // 1 day // 3,200 women. Welcome to Nike+ Training Club Tour.

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Posted 24/03/2016



Limelight Sports’ CEO, Craig Dews, received an Outstanding Contribution to the Sponsorship Industry Award at the 2016 UK Sponsorship Awards in London.

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Posted 23/03/2016


Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

16 March 2016 saw the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay land down under in Sydney. The event was held in Darling Harbour, and joined the established global race series made up of London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Shanghai events.

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Posted 22/03/2016


Goals, a word, and fast boats

So, it’s the end of February and studies show that by now almost all of us will have forgotten our New Year’s resolutions! Luckily for our team, working alongside motivated people in a sporting environment ensures we have regular prompts to be creating – and achieving – our goals.

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Posted 07/03/2016


Swimathon in numbers

The announcement of every new piece of sports participation insight in the UK is always closely accompanied by scrutiny from the world of swimming. Because, for as long as most people can remember, swimming has continually been top of the pile in terms of the numbers of people taking part*.  However, recent years have seen swimming figures gradually deteriorate with the perennial bridesmaids (in participation terms), running and cycling, edging closer and closer to taking over their mantle.

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Posted 03/03/2016

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